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We strive for our customers to love where they live. With so many people involved in the homebuilding process, and with new materials that need to acclimate to the functions we desire them to perform, perfection can seem out of reach. For example, we can all count on caulked trim joints to move as the home cycles through the extreme temperature changes that come with our seasons in East Tennessee. Not to worry, we have a structured process to address these things. Our Warranty Plan is designed from experience. Like others in this industry, we find that home status checkpoints at a 30-Day and 11-Month timeframe from the completion of construction effectively address such items. We know it would be wonderful to move-in and be done thinking about construction for awhile- after all, you patiently wait for months while a house is built. The nuances of construction coupled with building material innovations just come with a little more work. We find that having this in mind upfront can be helpful in managing stress and expectations, and we want you to know this isn't an afterthought for us. It doesn't mean we're trying to neglect anything, it's just a part of the end of the homebuilding process, and we're still here with you.

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